we mean nothing

“or we mean everything” Watch it set. Watch it rise. We mean nothing.   Location: Barbados       (Click on a thumbnail to view the full-page gallery)


….and I believe I speak for all women when I say: “VIVA L’ORGASM!!!” Hello World. Right back there. Vampires. Look what you did. MMM: Lauren MUA: Leah Whitehead Location: Barbados © 2011 alicia michelle… Continue reading

speak first without words

Style  /stīl/  (noun) – the ability to accurately and aesthetically portray personality, feelings, moods, history, culture or ideologies solely through one’s clothes and accessories. Early in the morning on the Island of Hip… Continue reading

wanderlust. amsterdam.

Cappuccino in the clouds. Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands © 2012 alicia michelle griffith All Rights Reserved

Hear me roar

I am woman. MMM: Keshia MUA: Leah Whitehead Location: Barbados © 2011 alicia michelle griffith. All rights reserved.